CreveTec is an innovation company, developping technology, knowhow and products to improve farming methods of shrimp.
We focus on improvement of genetics, nutrition and environment of the shrimp.
Shrimp have the potential to grow much faster when they are cultured in ideal conditions.
This can be achieved through:
  • development of a shrimp breeding center with focus on survival and growth in local conditions
  • development and evaluation of new raw materials
  • well balanced feeds with higher digestibility, resulting in better growth and FCR
  • nutrient recycling by reducing water exchange and favoring natural production
CreveTec is not just a consulting company
To achieve this, CreveTec
  • runs a breeding program to produce stronger shrimp with higer survival, and which grow at lower temperartures
  • runs an intensive zero-exchange biofloc farm in Belgium, which is available for training. Zero means zero.
  • runs a feed research station, which includes a small feed production unit, tanks for trials on juveniles and larvae, and is available for third party research
  • produces and sells maturation feed, hatchery feeds and nursery feeds
  • offers assistance for the production and formulation of shrimp feeds
  • offers assistance for the setup and management of zero-exchange shrimp farms, indoor and outdoor in ponds CreveTec is operating the first commercial shrimp farm in Belgium.
    This farm is a completely closed farm. It produces postlarvae from broodstock which were raised on the farm. Furthermore, the farm operates at zero exchange of water
    We are proud to claim that we have been using the same water for 8 years of production and that the farm has been closed for 4,5 years (no intake of shrimp). We are now producing the 6th generation shrimp.

    CreveTec is frequently organising a seminar about intensive culture of shrimp in bioflocs and reproduction. For more info click here

    For more info about the farm, please vist our website or Facebook page

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